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Morganically Grown * Heritage Conservation

Processed Heritage Chicken

Omega Blue Farms is a heritage food conservation farm where heritage breeds are traditionally grown and selectively bred towards classic and historic standards. The breeds we maintain, develop, and improve are similar to those enjoyed by our ancestors a century ago. They are selected for superior texture and good old fashioned chicken flavour.

Unlike conventional food, our heritage offerings are grown from publicly owned (Canadian) genetics. By buying Omega Blue, you are supporting your own local food security and sovereignty.

All meat we sell was born on our farm*.

The heritage meats we grow are socially responsible choices. Environmentally friendly, they travel zero miles from the time they hatch until they are processed. This makes them safer food options because they don't come in contact with the diseases of the industrial food system. They are naturally pastured and their Omega3 enriched feed is free of GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and meat by-products. They live in a non-intensive environment with their health and welfare a priority.

Our animals are happy animals.

*with the exception of the Cornish X which we started growing at the start of the pandemic to improve our farm's short term resilience and consistency

Heritage Chicken

Heritage Muscovy Duck


Cooking with Heritage Poultry

Heritage and conventional poultry are not the same thing and should not viewed as such. Conventional chicken has as much in common with heritage chicken as it does with duck. Comparing the two is like comparing grassfed beef to veal. The are treated completely different in the kitchen. To help us rediscover how to use heritage chicken, I've written some instructive guidelines and recipes into the document Rediscovering Heritage Chicken for you to download. Everything we do at Omega Blue Farms is driven by a passion to see a viable and sustainable market developed for our heritage chicken; we welcome any and all feedback that will assist in this endeavour.  


Heritage Chicken

These locally developed dual purpose heritage chickens are another example of Vancouver Island pride. Naturally pastured and slow growing, they capture the essence of a quality existence. Juicy, tender and full of flavour, one bite will fill your palate with good old-fashioned chicken flavour.
Heritage Chicken requires specialized slow cooking methods. Please review our Rediscovering Traditional Chicken document for a full explaination, cooking tips, and some basic recipes.


Muscovy Ducks

This Vancouver Island bred Champion line not only excels as a show breed, they are culinary champions. Leanest of the ducks, we don't recommend them for your traditional duck recipes. Moist cook them covered like a chicken with their breast down. Our favourite duck dish is with a tomato sauce full of garlic, herbs, and seasoning.

A Seasonal treat for our farm market regulars.  Hens 3-4 lbs, Drakes 7-8 lbs