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Acquiring Stock

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When considering acquiring our stock, it's important to realize that we are not a hatchery, but heritage breed conservation farm. Improving our breed's economic viability is our priority with each breeding season. Each season's hatching priorities revolve around our actual breeding projects and simply producing food. Economic sustainability is critical for heritage breed conservation. Our hatching season is focussed on producing poultry meat.  

We have not found the hatching egg market to be economically sustainable and therefore we do not sell hatching eggs

We are poorly set-up to offer chick sales at this time and therefore our hatching is dedicated to meat production. However, if we hatch any surplus during peak hatching season, we will make the surplus available. Other than that, we do not sell chicks

During the growing season, I often find pullets that are built more for egg production than meat production. I will sell these as dual purpose pullets

As we refine and work our various breeds, we are more than happy to give other prospective breeders access to our genpool in the form of fully grown breeding stock. I often sell birds for something quite close to their meat value. 

It's important to realize that our meat chickens and turkeys are big heavy birds. To have a successful hatching season with them, they need to be maintained properly. This usually means making saddles for the hens and managing their weight with measured feeding.