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Omega Blue Farms is a Heritage Breed Conservation Farm where heritage breeds are traditionally reared and selectively bred to official historic standards.  We breed for the table while selecting for show, producing productive champion show quality lines. We feel it is important to show our birds and have our breeding results evaluated by properly trained licensed judges as this helps ensure our breeding efforts remain true to our chosen breeds.  Check out our sanctioned SHOW RECORD.

It's important to realize that communities save breeds, not individuals. Without the support of the local community, our breeding efforts are wasted.

By buying our heritage birds, you are supporting locally developed breeding efforts and REAL local food security and sovereignty.  Our lines are selectively bred to thrive in our climate and for resistance to our region's natural diseases. The parents of our chicks have been naturally pastured and raised using traditional methods without the aid of chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics.

We only raise the few breeds offered here, and are a breeding farm, not a hatchery. All stock comes from show quality parents unless otherwise stated. Please keep in mind that not all chicks grow up to be show birds, plan to raise 3 chicks for every show bird desired.

Through American Poultry Association show success, Omega Blue Farms has earned "Grand Master Breeder" recognition for the following breeds:

                             Bronze Turkey
                             Brown African Geese
                             Black Muscovy


Sustainable Breeding


I consider us to be serious breeders of Turkeys and Muscovy ducks. By this, I mean that we are maintaining a sufficient population and selective breeding strategy that is expected to guard against inbreeding depression while attempting to restore or maintain the breed's utility function. Each winter, we maintain enough breeding males to ensure the sustainability of our lines. Dawn and I have developed our own unique and closed breeding populations.  

Sustainable and viable conservation breeding is the rarest aspect of the Rare Heritage Breed community. Most attempts at conservation breeding result in dead ends with little to no impact to the long term survivial of heritage breeds. Omega Blue Farms hopes to offer a model that others can learn from, support, and/or duplicate.